Husky Air Compressor - Models, Reviews and more

If you need an air compressor and you’ve been paying attention to the Husky air compressor, then you make the right choice.

Husky air compressors are one of the most reliable compressors presented in the market of the Canada and the United States. These compressors are able to perform almost any job, from pumping balls and tires, up to painting the car and the house walls.

Husky as a brand was registered at the beginning of the 20th century. Under the Husky brand name produced a huge amount of hand tools, ladders, lawn and garden tools, plastic tool boxes, air powered tools (air powered ratchet wrenches, grinders, drills, impact wrenches, chisels, sanders, etc.) cut-off tools and reciprocating saws and of course the Husky air compressors. At the moment, the Husky brand owned by Homer TLC, Inc. (Home Depot). Hand tools for Husky brand manufactures Stanley Logistics, Inc. and Air compressors produced by Nu Air Corp. and Campbell Hausfeld exclusively for them.

And So how to choose the husky air compressor?
Mainly air compressors are divided into:

  • Portable and Stationary;
  • Vertical and Horizontal;
  • Oil and oil less;
  • Gasoline and electric.

Husky Portable Air Compressor and Stationary

Husky portable air compressors are different from the stationary that they have a comfortable handle and wheels for easy moving. But you should know that portable air compressors have much smaller air tank than stationary one. It will be perfect for use in your home, garage or not large workshops where there is no need constant use of the air compressors.

Husky air compressor: portable and stationary

Husky air compressors: portable and stationary

Husky Vertical Air Compressor and Horizontal

The primary difference is how much space will take your compressor at your workspace, and where you will store it. Since the vertical take a little less space than horizontal.

Oil and Oil less

This is a very broad question, which is quite difficult to answer in a nutshell. So more information about what’s the difference of these two husky air compressors types you can found here.

Gasoline and electric

If you need an air compressor at the place where there are electricity outages or it is generally absent in this case, you’d better choose the gas air compressor. But if you have a diesel generator for example, in this case, you can choose an electric Husky air compressor.

Once you have answered these four questions, you should decide how big and powerful air compressor you need. How to do this. First of all, decide why you need an air compressor and with what device you want to use it. You have to define how much air and how much pressure needed based on the fact whether you need only have the opportunity to pump up the wheels of your car or you need to work with air powered ratchet wrenches, or work with several Air tools. And only then you can determine the model compressor that will suit you best.

A full list of Husky air compressor models, you’ll find here

Since the Husky air compressors are very popular, you will never have trouble finding parts.

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